13 Must Read Books On Fashion

13 Must Read Books On Fashion

It’s been two weeks since the lock-down and recommended social distancing, due to the corona virus pandemic has taken effect. Unfortunately there is no stipulated date quarantine ends, however, several governors have somewhat chosen the first week of May to end quarantine. Pertaining to excellent reads, If you’re searching for bestsellers on fashion, you have come to the right blog. We’ve gathered a small list from pint sized books to designer re-collective, there’s definitely a book for every fashion fan out there.


Below are thirteen fashion reads that are worth every penny and your time; covering fashion inspiration, hilarious fiction, photographers, models and incredible biographies, etc.

  1. Bill Cunningham: On The Street

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This great book is dedicated to Bill Cunningham, a renowned New York Times street style photographer with an iconic technique. The book includes many images that covers more than four decades of his work.

  1. The New Black Vanguard

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Author Antwaun Sargent examines the assorted work of various black creators in both fashion worlds and art. The book includes essays, jaw dropping images produced by black photographers, stylists, fashion directors and others.

  1. Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion And The Future Of Clothes

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Author Dana Thomas, investigates the constant cycle of the clothing industry, how fast fashion has influenced the society and activists fighting for change. It also covers labor exploitation, environmental issues and technological innovations. This book is defiantly an eye opener to a very controversial topic touching every facet of the fashion industry.

  1. John Galliano for Dior


John Galliano’s tenure at the house of Christian Dior created many unforgettable collections. This book follows his many creations for Dior, documenting his untamed, intricate runway, behind the scenes peaks, collaborations with renowned photographers, stylists, makeup and hair artists, models and more.

  1. Advanced Stylesstevenwick

Author Ari Seth Cohen presents a compilation of street fashion focused on the world’s trendiest locales.

  1. Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life


    Author Lisa Chaney - explore her controversial and eclectic life in this biography.

    1. Killer Style

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    Authors Serah Maria McMahon and Alison Mathews David, reveal  a history of fashion that have harmed or killed their wearers. The book sounds dark; however, it’s pretty much a cheerful read. Its in-fact a compelling read about people who have gone too far all in the name of looking good. From waist cinching corsets to deadly hair dyes, this book discusses impractical beauty principles, gender inequality and unsafe workplaces.

    1. Marc Jacobs Illustrated

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    Authors Marc Jacobs, Grace Coddington and Sopia Coppola. This book is a biography on Marc Jacobs thriving in the fashion industry as an unforgettable fashion Icon. This book also includes 50 collections with fun illustrations by former Vogue Editor Grace Coddington and film director Sofia Coppola.

    1. The Knock-Off

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    Authors Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza created a fictional story about Imogen Tate, an editor in chief for Glossy Magazine and a fashion Icon. Imogen is held defenseless by her former assistant who plots to take over the magazine by turning it into an app. It’s an amusing novel commenting on some important issues concerning digitized fashion industry.

    1. Made For Each Other: Fashion And the Academy Awards

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    Authur Bronwyn Cosgrave a fashion historian and former Vogue Editor, gives an account of female Oscar nominees since the days of Marlene Deitrich. The book focuses on partnerships between actress and designers. The book offers vintage photographs, sketches and rich full illustrations.

    1. Gods And Kings: The Rise And Fall of John Galliano And Alexander McQueen 

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    Author Dana Thomas writes on John Gilliano and Alexander Mcqeen rise to the scene and shaking up fashion trends of the time. Their runways reflected their unquestionable talent, breaking boundaries with art and fantasy. This book chronicles both the revolution these men started and costs they paid.


    1. Little Dictionary Fashion: A Guide To Dress Sense For Every Woman

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    Authur Christian Dior offers an indispensable how to guide that covers everything from everyday wear to what to wear to a wedding. Dior gives the rudiments of style; minimalism, grooming and exquisite taste.


    1. The Style Of Movement: Fashion & Dance

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    Authors Ken Broar, Deborah Ory, Valentino(Foreword by) and Pamela Gojbin (introduction) -  The book spotlights today’s greatest dancers, from ballet to modern clothing by the most celebrated designers. The book chronicles the relationship between fashion and dance; couture gowns from Dior, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and others, or costumes designed by Martha Graham and world renowned dancers from  Misty Copeland to Olga Smirnova among many.


    We hope our article will be helpful and guide you in making your next purchase. We'd love to hear back from and know what you enjoy reading. We just might take it up as a topic next time.

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