Earrings, are decorative ornaments worn from the ear. From ears, they are fastened with the use of a ring, hook looped in to the lobe, a clasp or a clip to the lobe. Earrings are commonly worn in pairs, two ornaments resembling each other: but a single earring can also be worn, the ear placed is pertaining only to the owner’s preference. The desire to decorate the exterior part of the ear is universal. Whatever color or design an earring may possess, certain jewelry project feminine sensuality others are plain and neutral. For instance a stud earring can be regarded as unisex, any one of either sex or age can put them on, but some larger flashy dangle earrings in certain cultures are strictly feminine or most of the time strictly for adult female.
         At the Steven Wick blog, from time to time, we will update you with the latest fashion trends in both clothing and accessories and today, we decided to focus on high fashion jewelry styles. 
  • Fish/French hook earrings: these are earrings that are fastened to our ears with the help of a metal structure shaped like a fish hook. They are very easy to put on with little assistance. The hook like metal is perfectly designed as such that once the metal passes through the small gap situated in our ear lobes, it enables the front of the earring stand out, instead of the back.
         Fish/ French hook earrings come in so many styles, there are plain gold or silver others contain precious stone. We selected a few of our bestsellers below:
               Acetate Marquee Shape Fish Hook Earrings                   
  • Studded Earrings: They are usually small pieces of earrings worn on the ear lobe. One side is un-usually large and the opposite end is smaller. To fasten the piece of ornament to the ear, a clasp fits onto the smaller end behind the ear lobe, to grip the ear lobe.
         They are the most versatile piece of jewelry anyone can own. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, each presenting a unique look to glam your appearance:
    • Lucite Earrings: Lucite are high quality acrylic resin plastic. What differentiates them from simply acrylic plastic is their transparency, flexibility and resistance to UV rays. They are durable, light weight and easy to maintain. If you are one to pull your hair back in to a tight pony tail or one to love bright colored bohemian like earrings that lighten up your face and bring out your personality, they are perfect for you.
    • Dangle Earrings: The word “dangle” according to the oxford dictionary means to swing back and forth or dance freely according to gravity. Dangle earrings therefore performs that movement as they hang from the ear lobe. The length varies depending on style and trend. Sometimes, one gemstone would branch off into multiple layers of equal or unequal length.
    • Drop Earrings: a drop earring can be considered a dangle earring, but one difference is that as it droops beneath the earlobe, movement is limited. The ornamental piece is stationary and cannot dangle freely.
             As a fashion conscious woman myself, personality and age may play a part in how a lady chooses to where the earrings mentioned above. Because the styles mentioned come in different sizes and length, taste and what fits comfortably is an essential factor.
             The occasion is also an important element on deciding what to wear. For a formal event, evening out or clubbing - dazzling gold or silver dangle or drop earrings with gleaming stones are almost always the perfect accessory of choice. While for work, errands, or normal day to day activities perfect styles like stud earrings go with a casual outfit.
             We hope we have been helpful in sharing with you a few nuggets of knowledge on earrings. We love to hear from you and know what you enjoy wearing. We just might take it up as a topic next time.
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